Monday, April 18, 2011

Activate iPhone 4 GPRS/MMS setting in Smart network

When I posted Activate GPRS/MMS on iPhone 4 with Globe network, my iphone's gprs/mms was working well or else I wouldn't be posting it online. But then after a while it stopped working again. I tried looking for solutions but unfortunately found nothing. So for those still using Globe simcards, I suggest you just have to go visit Globe and ask how to activate it. Anyways, what I did to my iphone is change my sim. Instead of Globe, I'm using Smart Buddy now. I activated Gprs/mms using the same procedure but different mmsc and mms proxy.

setting your gprs/mms on iPhone 4 with Smart network
1. go to settings
2. tap general
3. tap newtwork
4. then Cellular Data Network
5. under Cellular Data you will see two sections Cellular Data and MMS. These sections will be the ones you will have to edit.

Cellular Data

APN: internet
Username: [leave this blank]
Password: [leave this blank]


APN: mms
Username: [leave this blank]
Password: [leave this blank]
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size:
MMS UA Prof URL: [leave this blank]

Reminders,I'm using SMART BUDDY simcard. I recommend using smart If you really want to use your iphone's mobile internet. because if you're still be using globe, it just a waste or your load. Supersurf50 by Globe will just be a waste with iPhone4 because its mobile internet connection won't be established. Smart sim is thea only way for me. And if you like, you could try it too.It's your choice to make.


hailey said...

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Fjordan Allego said...

Thanks for the info! I'll try to follow your instructions since I'm using a Smart Gold SIM. :)

weel said...

thank's to this post, now i can use my 3G on iphone 4 using my smart buddy :) thank you so much..

hopeee said...

hi! thanks for the info, but i still can't send mms using my smart buddy sim. any advice?

tinexxiii said...

hi. but i dont have the "cellular data network" do you know how can i get this tab? i have ios 5.0.1

Junnette Pujida said...

hi! thank you so much for the info. it really helps a lot. i can now have in internet access to my baby iphone. God bless! keep it up bro

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