Thursday, February 17, 2011

Activate GPRS/MMS on iPhone 4 with Globe network[UPDATED]

I thought of sharing this because before I was able to activate my iPhone's GPRS/MMS I got a really hard time trying to find a way to make it work. I tried Globe's GPRS setting found on the sim application but it needs a unit model of your phone and it was just a waste of time since it does not accept the iPhone model unit keyword I type into it. Therefore I had no other choice but to configure or set it up manually. After several search from the web and trials, finally I got it. My iPhone's GPRS/MMS finally worked. Below are the steps on how I activated gprs/mms manually.

setting your gprs/mms on iPhone 4 with Globe network
1. go to settings
2. tap general
3. tap newtwork
4. then Cellular Data Network
5. under Cellular Data you will see two sections Cellular Data and MMS. These sections will be the ones you will have to edit.

Cellular Data

APN: [Change this to]
Username: [leave this blank]
Password: [leave this blank]


Username: [leave this blank]
Password: [leave this blank]
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 307200
MMS UA Prof URL: [leave this blank]

That's it. hope this works for you too. Enjoy!


eila said...

my iphone is still not able to connect to the internet..

Leo said...

i can't connect either.

chantz1821 said...

yes, about that when I posted this my iphone's gprs/mms was working. Then after a while it stopped working again. I tried looking for solutions but unfortunately found nothing. So, I suggest you just have to go visit Globe and ask how to activate it.

anyways, what I did to my iphone is change my sim. Instead of Globe, I'm using Smart Buddy now. I activated Gprs/mms using the same procedure but different mmsc and mms proxy.

for mms:

for mms proxy:

June said...

The Cellular Data Setting is wrong... instead of, change it to

I use this setting in my iPhone all the time, even in my Nokia Phones.

harmankardon said...

it works!!!! you gotta turn it off then turn it on for the setting to take effect after you edit the settings!!! thanks much!!!

mcneil said...

working well with me.thanks. this is very helpful. god bless. mcneil

dabs said...

its for internet.

janine said...

thank you so much for sharing...It works well with me...

janine said...

thank you so much for sharing...It works well with me...

kyle farinas said... This helped me alot

Mhykel said...

It works! Thanks a lot!

Meow Opre said...

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